DrymaxX® brand clothing is designed to perform in extreme conditions. It provides protection and comfort in wind, rain and snow. A garment made from DrymaxX® fabric with the right structural features is guaranteed to perform in all circumstances.

Waterproof, windproof, breathable, tested.

DrymaxX® is a water- and windproof, breathable material that’s suitable for use even in severe conditions. The material’s properties are determined by the DrymaxX® membrane. DrymaxX® membrane is bonded to the garment’s surface and/or lining fabric, depending on the garment’s intended use.

Construction of DrymaxX® products

DrymaxX® fabric on its own is not enough to make a product waterproof. DrymaxX® products are designed and manufactured in such a way that their construction prevents moisture getting inside. All seams are protected with seam tape. Embroidery and logos are taped on the inside of the product. Pockets, zips and vents are designed so as not to let moisture inside the product. Besides clothing, DrymaxX® is used in footwear and gloves.

Washing and care instructions for DrymaxX® products

DrymaxX® products must be washed separately, inside out. Spinning, tumble drying and wringing may damage the product. Do not dry clean. Specific washing instructions for each DrymaxX product can be found on the care label.

Don’t damage the DrymaxX® membrane!

The DrymaxX® membrane may be damaged by perforations caused by safety pins, etc. If a DrymaxX® product develops a tear or hole, it must be taped after sewing to ensure that it is waterproofed. The use of waterproofing substances containing silicone is not recommended.

DrymaxX® structure classification

DrymaxX® Ultimate - Ultimate protection and performance 

Designed for activities that require ultimate water resistance, breathability and durability in extreme conditions and environments. 

DrymaxX® All Weather - Focus on performance 

The ideal choice for outdoor and winter sports in all conditions featuring outstanding water resistance and breathability. dsad

DrymaxX® Classic - Waterproof comfort

The ideal choice for light and comfortable exercise in normal everyday or rainy conditions.

DrymaxX® Lite - Ideal urban protection

Designed for urban everyday need for protection against the rain, snow and wind.

Other materials


Is an effective material that transfers moisture from the skin and maintains a pleasant and dry feel, even in intense use. The material does not absorb water itself, so it dries quickly. Materials manufactured with the Active Dry® technology are used in technical shirts and pants, lining fabrics, underwear and layering garments. Latest superior performance, Halti presents Active Dry® Pique quality which use combination with latest knitting and print technology: special print on inner surface makes cooling effect both to skin and microclimate between skin and fabric!

Active Dry® materials in base and mid layers:

  • Active Dry® Cool serie includes product for high active use as base layer next to skin.
  • Active Dry® Warm serie brings warm – materials have brushed inner surface to achieve more warm. Products made of this material are suitable to be used as a mid and as abase layer, also next to skin.

is a material that efficiently wicks moisture away from your skin and keeps you feeling pleasantly dry, even in intense use. The material does not absorb water itself, so it dries quickly. Active Dry is particularly suitable for wear as a base layer against bare skin in active sports.



Products that are light as possible and can easily be packed for example into the items own pocket and/or hood. Airlite products carry the Weight Series marking, indicating the weight class of the product. The Weight Series value ( 50,100, 200 etc) is determined according to the measured weight in size M for men and size 38 for women. The value is not definitive. For example, the weight of Weight Serie 200 product is 200-299g.  



materials represent the latest generation of high-tech heat insulation materials. Arcty® grades are ideal for mid layers, because their porous microstructure efficiently wicks moisture away from the base layer to the outermost layers of clothing. Excellent breathability and an exceptional weight to heat insulation ratio make Arcty® fabrics the best possible protection against cold weather.



Convex serie is  material family, based on trendy, quilted outlook and there are options for both active sports and casual clothing. Material is light weight, elastic and trendy looking. 



A material family consisting of 100 % cotton, cotton-polyester and cotton-elastane mixtures. These materials are good for casual clothing. They feel pleasant and airy against the skin. Cotton Serie material family includes also organic cotton qualities. Organic cotton is produced without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides. Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment.



Always trendy denim has many versions. It can be 100 % cotton or silky feeling mixture with Lyocell fiber. Lyocell fiber gives the material luxury softness and beautiful draping outlook, suitable for casual clothing. Lyocell fiber is more environmentally friendly than traditional synthetic fibres. Lyocell fiber is also naturally antibacterial and comparing to cotton has twice better moisture management feature.



A lightweight insulating material that is similar to down and offers a high heat insulation value. Down Touch products are soft and comfortable to use.



Products that combine the wind protection, warmth and breathability. Each material, shape and cut has been placed optimally according to the requirements set by active use in order to offer an optimal level of comfort and performance.



Products of the Lightshell family are light and comfortable, and designed for active sport. Materials used in Lightshell products offer good wind resistance and are very breathable.



The density of microfiber fabrics makes them windproof while allowing moisture to escape. The material is good for all performance. 



Protect is a property produced by a technical and light membrane that increases the product's water and wind resistance, while allowing the release of vaporized moisture. The structures and details of products carrying Protect marking are designed along with the characteristics of the protective layer to be combination that optimally suits the purpose. Protect series product are suitable for light physical activity when needed protection from the wind and light rain. 



A windproof material that is used in products that require first-class wind resistance, breathability and good water resistance. The Stormwall® high technical features are based on special knitting technology, connecting the surface and lining fabric together or adding coating to fabric inner surface. The result is breathable, light material which offers products for active use. In addition to clothing, the Stormwall® membrane is also used in gloves and winter caps. 



Tencel® is the lyocell fiber from the house of Lenzing. It is of botanic origin, since it is extracted from the raw material wood. Fiber production itself is extremely ecofriendly, due to the closed loop system. Textiles of Tencel® are more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen. Characteristic for the Tencel® fiber is its natural antibacterial nature, without chemicals.



The sun emits different types of UV light, including ultraviolet A (UVA; long-wave) and ultraviolet B (UVB: short-wave) rays. Both UVA and UVB reach the earth and play an important role in premature skin aging, eye damage (including cataracts) and certain skin cancers. It is important to know that 90 % of the UV light penetrates through clouds so that people at risk need to protect themselves every day, whatever the weather. 

The Ultra Protection Factor rating is based on the amount of UV radiation that permeates the fabric and reaches the skin. The higher the UPF figure, the more protection the garment provides - UPF of 50+ means that less than 1/50 UV rays reaches the skin, or that less than two per cent of radiation permeates the fabric.

A UPF of 15-24 gives good protection, 25-39 very good protection and 40 or 50+ excellent protection.

The UPF of Raiski clothes is based on the weaving technique of the fabrics, not on chemical treatment.



Newest hybric technology in trendy casual wear! Wool Hybrid products are combination of fancy wool mix fabric and quilted micropadding. Combination which brings new kind of outlook and comfortability in use. 



is a stretch fabric suitable for active sports, hiking, trekking and even for leisure use. The material repels both wind and moisture and it is breathable. As the material has good wicking performance, it dries quickly. The material has no membrane, its surface fabric is tightly woven and its inner surface can be either combed or smooth, depending on the application


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