Story of Raiski


We, at Raiski, are determined to inspire women to move and live an active life. We want to bring you energy and joy for your own choice of movement. Our expertise lies in designing multi-functional and high-quality products with a perfect fit. We are bold, fresh and colorful – and always young at heart. We want our women to look and feel great while wearing Raiski.


Raiski was founded in 1977 by a former alpine skier legend Raimo Zweygberg who wanted to make clothes from skier to skier. Starting from 1983, we have been a part of a Finnish Outdoor company Halti. Our products are designed and developed in Söderkulla, Finland. Today, we focus on women’s high-quality clothes for active lifestyle


In our collections, you can find clothing for all sizes, but we take pride in our plus-sized R+ products which just fit perfectly. Our clothes are sporty, fresh and beautiful. The functionality in them allows free movement and makes them excellent for demanding weather conditions and active use. Protective Drymaxx ® products combined with beautiful and comfy insulation layers are your best companions in a colder time of year. Do you have a sporty lifestyle? Show it with our versatile, easy-to-combine products. We have designed all the collections so that it’s easy for you to mix and match from them and follow your own color path. You can wear our clothes for your sports, at the streets – and hey, everywhere you like!   


Environment is so important to us – and it has a huge role in our company strategy. We have set ambitious sustainability goals and we are introducing more eco-friendly products, made with materials and finishing technologies that place less of a burden to the environment. We will increase the number of products with recycled materials, the waterproof DrymaxX® products are made with bluesign® sertified materials and all our products with WR finishing are 100% PFC free.



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