Our products have a one year material - and defect warranty

You can trust in Raiski quality! Our goal is to make clothes that will serve for years and years to come. If you however find a defect in our product, we will take full responsibility for it.

Immediately contact the store where you purchased the product. Depending on the defect, the store will either try to repair the product, change the product to a new one or reimburse the customer. Raiski will reimburse the retailer. A receipt works as a warranty certificate. The receipt isn't compulsory, but it helps tremendously in resolving the issue. If you don't have any kind of proof of purchase, the retailer is entitled to reimburse the product with the lowest price it has been sold in the store. In these cases the retailer is justified to reimburse the product with a gift card.

Reclamation of a product bought from the Raiski Online Store

Reclamation of a product bought from the Raiski Online Store is handled through our customer service by email at info@raiski.fi or by phone at +358-(0)9-8520-8288. Our customer service is open on weekdays between 09:00-15:00 Finnish time.

For speeding up the reclamation process, please include in your message the following information:

Your contact information
Describe the defect as accurately as possible
Picture of the defect

We kindly ask you to write the subject as: Reclamation: Order number IR1234 (your order number).


We handle all reclamations and other messages in the order we receive them and we will reply to your message as soon as possible. We will be in touch by phone if need be.

Reclamations help us improve our products and services and we are thankful for all the feedback we get, so that we one day can achieve perfection.

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